Hydraulic valve is a kind of automatic component operated by pressure oil. It is controlled by pressure oil of pressure valve. It is usually used in combination with electromagnetic pressure valve. It can be used for remote control of on-off of oil, gas and water pipeline system of hydropower station.

Classification by control method: manual, electric control, hydraulic control

According to the function classification: flow valve (throttle valve, speed regulating valve, diverting and collecting valve), pressure valve (overflow valve, pressure reducing valve, sequence valve, unloading valve), direction valve (electromagnetic directional valve, manual directional valve, one-way valve, hydraulic control one-way valve). The hydraulic manifold app, a shopping e-commerce platform for the hydraulic industry, now provides dealers and retailers with wholesale purchase and transaction of various hydraulic valve products.

The valve is usually composed of valve body, valve cover, valve seat, opening and closing parts, driving mechanism, seals and fasteners. The control function of the valve depends on the driving mechanism or fluid to drive the lifting, sliding, swing or rotary movement of the gate to change the size of the flow passage area. It is believed that the valve principle can be mastered quickly and clearly through the demonstration of the following valve dynamic diagram:

Hydraulic steering valve

Manual steering valve

Relief valve

Pressure relief valve

Sequence valve

throttle valve

Governor valve

Manipulator telescopic servo mechanism

Cartridge valve