The internal gear pump adopts the principle of internal gear engagement. The internal and external gear pitch circle is close to one side, and the other side is separated by the "crescent plate" on the pump cover. The driving internal gear on the main shaft drives the external gear to rotate in the same direction. At the inlet, the gears separate from each other to form a negative pressure and suck in the liquid. At the outlet, the gears are continuously embedded and meshed to squeeze the liquid out.

Internal gear pump is suitable for transporting Newtonian liquid or non Newtonian liquid in petroleum, chemical industry, coating, dye, food, grease, medicine and other industries. The type of liquid can be light and volatile liquid, even heavy, viscous, or even semi-solid liquid.

Sncb internal meshing gear pump newly developed by Scenery hydraulic has the characteristics of low noise, low pulse, stable pressure, long service life, etc. the product has a complete range of displacement and can be combined in series with a variety of displacement. Small edition for you to sort out the sncb2 model product technical working principle document.